The SeeMBox-V© is a solution suite that comprises from equipment, software and services to deliver the required level of Information from the vessel to the Office.

The goal is to achieve a pre-failure predictive protocol that will be based on processed information and the know-how and deep business experience of each company.

The SeeMBox-V© is, as all the solutions by SetelHellas, independent from manufacturers and monitoring systems.

It can be integrated with almost any existing monitoring system and moreover, it can accommodate equipment that are not supported by the standard Alarm Monitoring Systems. All systems that provide a digital signal output can be connected to the SeeMBox-V© and being transferred and processed to provide additional information in real time.

The SeeMBox-V© solution, is versatile, flexible, configurable and mostly it may acquire information directly from sources by adding new age approved sensors wherever may be required.

The Basic Features are:

  • Supports Integration with all modern Alarm Monitoring Systems
  • Supports Integration with any equipment that have digital signal output even when not connected to the native AMS
  • Fully customizable User Experience
  • Real time, On line, Always available information
  • Same Interface for all fleet vessels
  • Extensive comparison between same equipment in different vessels
  • Extensive comparison between sister vessels
  • Customizable reporting
  • Supports interactive mimic diagrams and drawings per demand
  • Fully supports Ship Energy Efficiency Indicator (manual input or through integrated readings if available).
  • Customizable views on readings (analog view, digital view, combined view)
  • Simultaneous depiction of reading and live evolution graph
  • Adjustable update frequency allows update at a predicted traffic and bandwidth!
  • Multiple pre-defined views per user and per vessel limited only by monitor capabilities (the larger and higher resolution monitors support more views)
  • State-of-the-art Data analytics: Most monitoring platforms only allow you to set up simple alarm set-points.

With SeeMBox-V© you can trend equipment performance by combining signals of interest together with rules logic to depict your explicit knowledge of how machines behave and why they may fail.

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