Maritime Surveillance Solution (MARSS)

The Maritime Surveillance Solution (MARSS) increases the level of safety and security in the work environment onboard the vessels. It improves safeness, efficiency and insurance of ship owners’ High Value Assets, ships’ infrastructure, cargo and crew, by receiving warnings of potential dangerous conditions in a wide range of operating circumstances and by providing optimal situational awareness of the surrounding area. This solution provides a close view on the on-board personnel contributing to improve the training and the day to day operation.

MARSS offers multiple layers of surveillance and monitoring of several onboard locations simultaneously. It provides customized image detection algorithms to alert on for unwanted behaviours and waterborne threats or when onboard conditions change.

The Basic Features are:

  • Integrated solution.
  • Local and simultaneous remote monitoring, viewing and recording across multiple sites, regardless of geographical location.
  • Remote surveillance from ashore.
  • Quickly analysis thousands of recordings using motion, time and camera search criteria, saving valuable incident search time.
  • Supports motion detect, binary and video loss alarms. It can also trigger relays when an alarm occurs.
  • Customized image detection algorithms to alert on when conditions change.
  • Several users can simultaneously view, manage and record across the network from any point on that network.
  • Snapshot images (jpg) will be taken at pre-determined intervals. These images can be saved to a local server or the Cloud and viewed from any machine on-board or shore based (subject to network connection).
  • Review and retrieve historical data instantly.