Maritime Telemedicine Solution (MTS)

SetelHellas, utilizing the “best-of-breed” technology and services, introduces a Maritime Telemedicine Solution (MTS), enabling shipping companies to Unlock The Business Value of connected care. This way many services currently conducted in a clinic or hospital can be delivered less expensively on board the vessel.

SetelHellas MTS has been developed specifically for on-board use to help enable shipping companies to build a robust, highly secure and scalable infrastructure for the delivery of crew-care by utilizing the guidelines and best practices from Hygeia Group’s health care experience.

We provide maritime Medical Equipment and Strategic Advice, offer insight from heath care subject matter professionals, and help make certain that you not only select the right technology for you, but that it’s implemented and managed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

SetelHellas’ primary concern is the safeguarding of human life. SetelHellas’ MTS is being employed with respect to the dignity and safety of the human being and of his inalienable right to health care.

The main benefits of the SetelHellas’ e-health model are:

  • Accurate patient’s status backed from certified medical equipment that facilitates intuitive operation & functionality.
  • Immediate, accurate & High-Level medical consultation coverage, by Hygeia Group.
  • Independent from vessel communications.
  • Clinical benefits, resulting in superior patient treatment, in better moral satisfaction and in making the crew feel safer on board the vessel.
  • Equipment can complement any existing medical service provider (private doctor, health services subscription etc.)
  • Ability to perform checks on-board preemptively.