Intelligent Vessel™

With emphasis on low-cost and high-value solution as the key to both short and long term economical sustainability, SetelHellas has developed an integrated bundle of equipment, software and quality services that enable Shipping Companies to respond to the unique challenges of the demanding Maritime industry. Our solution reflects our experience in working with companies like yours.

Utilizing SUN Microsystems unique thin client solutions over a robust virtualized environment we achieve high security levels.No more uncontrolled PC environment that causes numerous malfunctions and operational downtimes.

Designed taking into consideration all current and future maritime technology achievements, the "Intelligent vessel" provides flexible configuration capabilities to depict the real operational needs of any shipping company.

Combining a complete suite of on-board communication and file transfer features such as e-mail sparn filtering, transfer data size restriction policy, auto-copy of messages to designated office accounts, web-caching for broadband connections etc. And of course a detailed and complete history log and reporting.

With Data LCR (Least Cost Routing) facilitation,elimination of PC usual problems,reducing down time, managing remotely the vessel Network and improving productivity the return on investment is exceptional.

Intelligent vessel provides a totally secure enviroment where all corporate data are protected. Any new software installation,user modification,access rights, resources availability is remotely managed from shore.

With as signicant number of commercial vessels operating worlwide,the "Intelligent Vessel" solution is constantly proving its value.

  • An innovative integrated solution for implementing remotely manageable and secure ICT environment on-board vessels.
  • Supporting Data LCR (Least Cost Routing) for all satellite and wireless networks (VSAT, FBB, Inmarsat Narrowband, WiFi, WiMAX, Iridium, GSM/GPRS)
  • Enhanced solution versatility and independence from all business application and communication vendors.
  • Totally configurable and easy to deploy and remotely manage.


Implementing the “Intelligent Vessel” solution gave us the opportunity to realise how a cutting edge technology solution can enable a Ship Management company to control running costs by minimizing down-time and prevent costly site visits. Data Least Cost Routing is a powerful tool that is adapting itself to any operational route by ensuring the least cost data transmission. Surely a solution that delivers whatever it promises.
Cpt. Emmanuel Papalexis
Mare Maritime Co

“Since we have deployed the “Intelligent Vessel” solution to our fleet we have witnessed a significant improvement to the productivity of ship and shore processes and the elimination of down time. Remote management of vessel Network is seamless and efficient. The solution is easily deployed and totally configurable”
Elias Kouros
ICT Director
Byzantine Maritime Corp.

Diamlemos Shipping Corporation has deployed the full suite of SetelHellas’ Maritime Solutions. Sixteen months on, we have now interconnected our Piraeus offices with our exclusive London agents and with our 9 deep sea commercial vessels which allow us to have seamless, high quality communications free of charge even via satellite communications. Long gone are the days where we used to think about the costs of talking on the phone. With innovative technology such as the Cisco Call Manager and enterprise-class IP Telephony, SetelHellas protect our investments today and well into the future. SetelHellas' solutions have also allowed us to increase productivity both afloat and ashore through the comprehensive unified communications, mobility, flexibility, redundancy and high-availability. We are very satisfied. The company comprises a team of top experts from all levels of the ICT industry. They not only understand unique shipping challenges; they bring years of experience to solve them.
Cpt. G. Balabanos
Managing Director
Diamlemos Shipping Corp.

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