Skilled staff and maritime experience put to work for your company

Setel focus on people is reflected in the efforts made to attract and retain a group of knowledgeable and maritime expert individuals, who share the same vision and work alongside our clients to define and develop ICT-enabled transformation strategies that drive top-line growth, profitability, efficiency and agility.

We work with your budget to insure that your business requirements are achieved

As Setel Solution is modular, it offers you the advantage to build it progressively according to your company’s needs and budget. Setel has a proven methodology for delivering successful ICT solutions for our customers.
Our ability to map our process to your needs ensures that we not only provide superior implementations, but also empowers your staff to effectively achieve the evolving demands of your business.

Deployment and support services are part of each project that we undertake

Setel offer the requested effort during all the stages of the deployment. Once your system is deployed Setel Hellas SA will be available 24X7 to ensure that your business objectives are achieved, implemented features & functions are understood, and the technology follow your vision. With our support resources, you can get the services you need to get your solutions up and running.