SetelHellas strengthens its position in Cyprus, Dubai & Malta by signing a strong partnership agreement with Logicom Solutions Ltd..!

Logicom Solutions, a leading provider of total integrated IT solutions in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, UAE and neighboring countries, has announced a strategic expansion plan and partnership with SetelHellas, an international provider of market-leading ICT solutions specially designed for the maritime and offshore vertical businesses

Logicom Solutions specializes in the areas of Systems Integration, Network Infrastructure, IT Infrastructure, Business Software, Collaboration, Management and Security Solutions. With this new partnership, the company is enriching its portfolio with maritime and offshore vertical businesses.

SetelHellas has designed and developed a wide range of solutions that enable maritime industry organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage and reach their full potential. Alongside Logicom Solutions, Setel Hellas will be able to distribute their maritime solutions to a wider network and reach even more clients.

This partnership, which combines the deep maritime know-how of Setel Hellas and the well-established infrastructure of Logicom Solutions in Malta, Greece, UAE and Cyprus, will provide significant competitive advantages aiming at long term benefits to end customers.

Mr. G. Marinakis, CEO of SetelHellas said: "We are excited to announce that Setel Hellas, along with Logicom Solutions, will now be in the position to provide value-added solutions to the areas of Dubai, Cyprus and Malta. Setel Hellas is committed to steady growth and reaching targets through a very carefully chosen partner network, which enables the maritime sector all over the world to manage their challenges."

Mr. Th. Therapontos, CEO of Logicom Solutions said: "Logicom Solutions is committed to the business needs of our clients and to choosing the leading partners of each industry. We are thus pleased to announce that we are continuing to develop and provide added value solutions. Along with Setel Hellas, we are devoted to consolidating and strengthening the ICT solutions portfolio in maritime industry in all the regions in which we are active."