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#Cisco and Setel Hellas collaborate closely to bring in the shipping market innovative, collaborative and business driven technology to maritime companies. These solutions create significant long-term benefits for our customers by combining Setel's value added solutions, business experience and deep-sector expertise with world leading technology from Cisco Systems. —.

In July 2013, Cisco and Setel Hellas won the “Business IT Excellence Award 2013 “as the most successful professional collaboration of the year for effectively adapting Setel’s SmartBox-V™ source code to the Cisco 2911 & 2951 operating system and machine architecture.

Today, March 4, 2015, after 19+ months, we are pleased to report that the porting of the Setel’s Remote Performance Monitoring SeeMBox-V apps solution, to the Cisco 2911 & 2951 operating system and machine architecture is also a success! This new achievement expands the reach of Setel’s leadership in Maritime ICT Solutions design and porting to Cisco platform, providing significantly reduced TCO and increased flexibility and reliability for the Maritime users.

Together, Cisco’s Novel Architecture and Setel’s Maritime Innovative Solutions offer a fully integrated and scalable platform that contribute to business risk reduction; ensure regulatory, legal, and corporate policy compliance; streamline vessel operation; while promoting sustainability, safety and efficiency.

As a result, a more comprehensive platform for growth has been created, which includes among other things, the following advantages:

Virtual environment at a push of a button Cloud ready in minutes Cost and Complexity reduction Fast and Easy Deployment Administrative efficiency Disaster Tolerance Improved performance, scalability and security. Service Availability 24X7

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Setel’s solution is sold by a global network of solution experts, known as Setel’s resellers or agents. Your local reseller prices and implements Setel’s products based upon your unique needs. Let us help you connect with a Setel’s reseller to learn more about our complete Maritime ICT solutions for your business on your terms.

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