SetelHellas awarded with Business IT Excellence Award 2013 for its successful collaboration with Cisco

SetelHellas along with its strategic partner, Cisco, was awarded as the most successful collaboration of the year in the Business IT excellence sector.

The Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2013 Ceremony was held on 12thof July 2013 at Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel, during a celebration dedicated to new technologies.

SetelHellas and CISCO were awarded, as the most successful professional collaboration of the year for the development of our innovative maritime solution, SmartBox-VTM which offers high level of remote control operation of the vessels.

The SmartBox-VTM powered by Cisco" is the first Greek solution certified as" Cisco Compatible "and is now internationally available through Cisco Market Place. The "SmartBox-VTM powered by Cisco" streamlines communication processes between vessel and office and offers reduced costs, secure communication, voice (VoIP), and upgraded crew welfare services, turning the ship into a remote office!

After two years of consistent development and improvements and countless tests “SmartBox-V™ powered by Cisco successfully passed all the tests and tribulations that Cisco sets a prerequisite to identify and certify a product as "Compatible "and include it in the list of products (Cisco Market Place).