Setel Hellas S.A. ( , is proud to invite you to the Posidonia 2012 International Shipping Exhibition. The exhibition will be held at the Metropolitan Expo Centre, from June 4 to 8.

You will find us at stand n. 4227 where we will be honored to present to you the innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, which Setel Hellas designs, implements and supports for the Maritime Industry.

We look forward to present you the following latest developments in the shipping ICT market:

The new addition to the “Intelligent Vessel” Solution Suite: “The SeeMBox-V Remote Performance Monitoring Solution” according to SEEMP requirements.

[The new advanced solution from Setel Hellas, the SeeMBox-V is, as all the solutions by Setel Hellas, independent from manufacturers and monitoring systems. It can be integrated with almost any existing monitoring system and moreover, it can accommodate equipment that is not supported by the standard Alarm Monitoring Systems. All systems that provide a digital signal output can be connected to the SeeMBox-V and being transferred and processed to provide additional information in real time to the Office.]

The new generation of “SmartBox-V™” Solution!

[A unique communication box that easily provides you with controlling and monitoring tools, allowing simultaneously connections of all type of onboard satellite terminals , providing you at the same time with advance crew welfare features. The new generation of SmartBox-V™ is to be powered by Cisco]

The “Intelligent Vessel” Solution Suite!

[An integrated bundle of equipment, software and quality services for on-board ICT infrastructure. Our solution is thoroughly tested as it already supports more than 200+ Vessels during the last 4 years.]

New age of Global VSAT Solutions!

[Through our partner, Harris Caprock Communications , Setel Hellas provides a unique set of end-to-end satellite communication solutions.]

Maritime Telemedicine Solution!

[By utilizing remote medical testing and electronic diagnosis solution, not only will the potentiality of an unnecessary deviation be reduced but also your crew’s welfare will be increased by a feeling of safety on board no matter how huge distances from shore they may be travelling.]

Your presence will honor us

Sincerely yours,