VSAT Setel's Partner CapRock Secures Long-Term SeaAccess VSAT Contract with BW

On June 24, 2010 VSAT Setel’s Partner, CapRock publicly announce via a press release that has secured a three year contract with BW to provide its SeaAccess service onboard BW’s complete fleet—approximately 100 vessels. The fleet consists of Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carriers (LPGCs), which will leverage CapRock’s turnkey VSAT service for Voice over IP (VoIP), access to the corporate network and real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Additionally, crew welfare services will be deployed that include dedicated bandwidth for Internet and prepaid calling cards with competitive calling rates.

A critical element to this win is that CapRock just recently finished a successful nine-month pilot program where SeaAccess’ always-on VSAT service and capabilities were tested on the BW fleet against the existing pay-by-the-data rate communication solution. BW was very pleased with the SeaAccess service and it met their expectations for a reliable and global solution.

This is a very exciting win and will further position CapRock as a leader in the commercial maritime market.