SetelHellas succeeds in acquiring new customers who recognize that in a time of austerity, the Intelligent Vessel Solution can assist them in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

With the addition of new clients including Roxana Shipping, Equinox Maritime, and Stamco Ship Management, Setel's “Intelligent Vessel” Solution is rapidly gaining recognition as a vital tool for the onboard ICT environment.

The solution supports any traditional or new age satellite or wireless communication carrier. From high-speed permanent VSAT tunnel to low speed dial-up connections the solution delivers exactly the same features providing also real independence.

With a virtualized and Multi O/S data processing environment and with built-in e-mail and file transfer features, among many, the “Intelligent Vessel” is a unique and innovative solution that is designed based on cutting edge technology and aiming to serve as a reliable tool for the efficient day-to-day operation of a vessel.