REMI to install VSAT

Rem Maritime has reached the end of an extended and systematic satcom evaluation cycle, putting its trust to our company and decided to install VSAT communications services and integrated Hi-Tech solutions across a wide range of its fleet of vessels.

In this respect, REMI has signed a contract with Setel Hellas to use the “CapRock VSAT communication” services and the Extended “Intelligent Vessel”solution on part of its fleet.

REMI will use the VSAT service to expand its corporate IT network and software applications to its vessels and provide onboard welfare services.

Under the terms of the agreement Setel in a cooperation with CapRock Communications will provide REMI Maritime with a managed turnkey service enabling VoIP, internet access, e-mail service, crew-calling and corporate networking capabilities for the real time exchange of reports and monitoring data.

At sea, as VSAT becomes the new standard for maritime communications, Setel is leading the way with solutions that deliver total performance and superior capability to end users. Regardless of where the vessels are located, no matter what the requirements, the commitment remains the same: performance as promised.