SetelHellas & Sun microsystems - Intelligent Vessel & Worldiwide support ensures business continuity

M/T MADEIRO is a deep sea Chemical Tanker. It has on-board since 18 months now an advanced configuration of “Intelligent Vessel” with dual servers and high availability options. During one of its voyages, some days ago, one of the dual servers failed.

The vessel continued to operate seamlessly but the issue needed to be addressed soonest possible so that the vessel would continue to operate as designed. Mare Maritime has its entire fleet under a continuous support program with SetelHellas and based on that Vessel called Setel Support hot-line to report the problem notifying Mare HQ.

The solution:

Sun Microsystems new generation of servers are equipped with an independent Service Processor which operates even if the server is powered off! Setel Hellas used the Intelligent Vessel functionality to enter the vessel environment through satellite and ran all the specially designed diagnostics. The findings were reported to Sun Microsystems Technical Support Coordination Center along with vessel ETA at next port. A local SUN engineer was waiting for the vessel at Sines port, Portugal carrying all necessary spare parts. After 2 hours the engineer reported back to SUN Service Bureau and SetelHellas Support Help-Desk that the problem was solved and the server was back in normal operation. Vessel confirmed later on closing the issue ticket. The rectification was verified by SetelHellas by accessing the vessel remotely.

The aftermath:

The vessel never stopped to operate. Intelligent Vessel was once again proven in the field as well as the Support level that SetelHellas and its partners are providing continuously to the Maritime Industry.


“Our vessels run around the world and round-the-clock, so our fleet must be available 24x7. That's why we selected Sun for its proven processes and worldwide support."

E. Papalexis


Mare Maritime Co. S.A.