New cooperation: SetelHellas - Caprock communications

SetelHellas is proud to announce that it has reached an agreement with CapRock Communications to promote its SeaAccess VSAT Services to the Hellenic Shipping Market.

Either being a commercial company with global operations, or a local domestic passenger operator, SetelHellas and CapRock can provide state of the art VSAT solutions for efficient, inexpensive and reliable communication and information exchange.

Since deploying its first VSAT over 27 years ago, CapRock has established the reputation as the leader in serving the communication needs for those working in remote, at-sea environments. From captains sending real-time electronic cargo manifests and crew calling friends and family back home to passengers enjoying seamless Internet service, SeaAccess is increasing the efficiency of marine operations and boosting the spirits of those onboard.

When SetelHellas' maritime ICT experience is combined with CapRock’s recognized leadership in satellite communications, maritime companies realize the greater benefits and value of a collaborative partnership.