Take costs out, put value in

Boom-and-bust shipping cycles. Limited technology resources. Valuable ways and means to maintain shipboard communications systems and computers. High manpower support costs…

All these negatively impact your bottom line.

In order to produce positive business outcomes, today's maritime climate demands that your information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure on board the vessel be efficient and flexible, while improving responsiveness and reducing costs. SetelHellas, can help you achieve these outcomes by effectively lead these initiatives from beginning to end through a full and comprehensive outsourced vessel’s ICT support services.

The financial news today is grim, but with these challenges come giant opportunities for ICT departments around the globe. As a necessary bussiness function, ICT departments are rearly thought of as drivers of change and innovation. Today's economic environment presents the opportunity for ICT departments to lead the internal charge of increasing value while reducing costs. By understanding where savings can be realized and making strategic investments, ICT management, along with the help of outsourcing services from SetelHellas, can drive businesses through this rough period and end up out ahead of the competition.

SetelHellas attends tens of ships per year. This is a part of our business. We have an established infrastructure of direct employee technicians, who currently provide both communications and IT installation and support services to our clients’ vessels.

Our knowledgeable engineers are responsible for visiting ships to perform installations, configurations, repairs, training and support work. They are mobile workers that can travel all over the world to service our clients at several ports of call.

Customers simply list which ICT systems and / or services they wish to cover under “SetelHellas' Outsourcing Toolkit”, and we do the rest! Technical and Support problems will be solved speedily and professionally either remotely while the vessel is sailing, or in port by one of our skilled ICT professionals.

Take advantage of a strong brand, expert support, industry-specific services, and a commitment.