SeeMBox-V© - Application Insights

Get accurate insights through Data Enhancement Filtering [DEF] and instant analytics.

Data accuracy and integrity can affect adoption, performance, sustainability and competitive advantage. The exponential increase in the availability of digital data, the force of the broadband connectivity, and the brilliance of SeeMBox-V© algorithms has fuelled our excitement about this formerly obscure corner of computer science, in order to provide to our industry with one accurate, secure and trusted version of the truth…and, this is also coming with a sense of pride!

Our talented development team at SetelHellas has designed and implemented a new engineering logic- integrated with business objects, able to act as a doorway for vessel-data helping enhance accuracy and returning well-validated results, using the power of the SeeMBox-V© DEF methodology.

DEF operates on live data acquired and instantly filters and adjust readings so to be meaningful and avoid inconsistencies and discrepancies due to external reasons such as sensor malfunctions, sampling interruptions etc. SeeMBox-V© monitors and handles 7 different categories of discrepancies and automatically applies 5 different policies that are all personalised per case and vessel by processing criteria through the business logic contained in DEF, warrantying efficient data-flow and accurate portrayal of conditions, before being committed to the database.

Being embedded in the SeeMBox-V© functionality DEF’s intuitive design includes all the tools available to personalise your processing settings per case and vessel, to meet specific business needs and achieve significant value and higher ROI beyond boundaries.

Attached you may find a short presentation of the functionality and you are invited to ask us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for a deeper discussion on how SetelHellas is exercising the Art of Information Engineering, by leveraging the power of the SeeMBox-V© maritime IoT platform.