i-forms: SetelHellas' new engineering concept

SetelHellas has continued to invest in extending the functionality of SmartBox-V™ across a

number of different Shipping functions, focused on building what we’ve come to call “Maritime Digital Solutions from SetelHellas”


SetelHellas has the pleasure to announce that it has successfully ported i-forms, by SEATRIX to SmartBox-V™ through a native VM environment.

i-forms, is a new enterprise engineering concept able to provide the right information at the right time and at the right format. It combines the online manual entry with the parallel collection of vessel data- pulled automatically from SeeMBox-V©, in electronic smart forms that are accessible from web pages, mobile devices, portals, software applications and visualization platforms. Incorporate this information immediately into your business process to automate actions, validate data accuracy and support human decision in a manner to improve action.

Based on the use-case modelling, i-forms is delivering a ground-breaking solution, able to truly ensure high level of integration with SetelHellas IoT shipboard platform, accuracy, integrity and transparency. User-friendly graphical interface, comprehensive and powerful real-time validation, easily configurable and user customizable forms, seamlessly and automatically data transferred capabilities, are a tremendous asset for the shoreside staff, in assisting the plan for remedies that can be assigned to the vessel in-voyage, in a port call, or in a shipyard.

i-forms technology offers the following features, benefits and advantages to support your business ambitions:


  • Enables any authorized person to submit i-forms and / or enter data.
  • Allows authorized users to attach documents to an i-form and send them directly into a predefine repository
  • Use "check formulas" and database validation rules to verify the correctness, relevance, and security of the i-form’s data
  • Allows the i-form's layout customization according to the user’s role and needs, utilizing the i-form transformation tool
  • Supports i-forms’ online or offline completion even from mobile smart-devices


  • Collects data entered in the i-form and / or pulled automatically from SeeMBox-V©
  • Streamlines processes by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernizing techniques
  • Enhances workflow using collected i-forms data to channelling information insightful with embedded data encryption
  • Stores, organizes and manages i-forms independently, alerting operators to suboptimal operating conditions before harm can be caused
  • Improves operating systems efficiency, optimized performance management, and reduced maintenance costs


  • Builds in a painless way i-forms using wizards
  • Creates standards-based i-forms easily using the i-forms Designer and standard web technologies like HTML
  • Converts existing forms into i-forms replicas, keeping the structure and logic of the original form
  • Supports the i-forms’ design straight away and the usage of them from anywhere, even from mobile smart-devices
  • Enables i-forms and cells values locks preventing users from adding or modifying values enhancing your protection

The implementation is deployed and tested in real conditions and both companies are excited about their collaboration and are engaged proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.