SetelHellas & Cavodoro Shipping Corporation launching Cybersecurity – An advancement to the next generation of Maritime protection.

Piraeus, Monday, the 14th of December 2016

Today we are excited to announce that Cavodoro Shipping Corporation, in an effort to further optimise the ICT infrastructure on-board the Oil Tanker M/T Mistral by eliminating the risks of cyber-attacks, trusts SetelHellas’ Maritime Cybersecurity Solution based on Cisco.

After thorough evaluation, and taking under consideration the dynamic threat landscape and major security risks imposed by the ever-increasing variety of business needs, Cavodoro Shipping Corporation supports the delivery of Cisco’s industry’s best threat focused next generation security solutions combined with SetelHellas’ deep maritime know-how.

SetelHellas’ Cybersecurity Solution, delivers disruptive technology to cover the entire continuum of an imminent threat, by providing adaptive and threat focused, superior and multi-layered protection, before, during and after an attack with a set of fully comprehensive tools adding overall visibility through the attack’s lifecycle.

Mr. Nikos Mourtzinos Security Specialist at Cisco, supports that SetelHellas’ Maritime Cybersecurity Solution based on Cisco, can help prevent, monitor and mitigate any known or unknown cybersecurity threat on the vessel’s network.

“It is not only about threats’ identification and vulnerabilities, it is about cyber security awareness Mr. G. Christakos – Sr. Customer Solutions Manager of SetelHellas” says. That’s why SetelHellas solution provides a holistic approach based on Cisco Technology aiming to address every cyber security challenge providing protection of any possible risk that may affect the vessel’s operation.

“We needed to guarantee to our charterers and clients that our systems would be satisfactorily shielded from Cyber risks by executing the most noteworthy guidelines of cybersecurity on board our vessels and on shore. Cisco and SetelHellas proactive state of mind in tending to such recently emerging industry challenges, its clear vision and commitment to the highest standards assists us in achieving this”, Mr. S. J. Bazakis – IT Manager of Cavodoro Shipping said.

SetelHellas is proud to expand its partnership with Cavodoro Shipping Corporation. We take pride in the business relationship with our clients, but also take pride in the digital solutions we deliver in the maritime industry” aiming at vessel’s operational efficiently optimization.