SetelHellas SeeMBox-V© + MRV

#SeeMBox-V© is an Open Digital Platform for online Remote Monitoring utilizing the benefits of the IoT to deliver to Shipping Companies, a seamless path for safe navigation towards the Digital Ship transformation.

SeeMBox-V© is today the most powerful Open Digital Platform for establishing a smooth and reliable process starting from shipborne sensor readings and events’ monitoring all the way up to information that may support mission critical decisions ashore.

SeeMBox-V© MRV is a natural extension of SeeMBox-V©, through which SetelHellas introduces its Disruptive Technology for executing a Monitoring Plan incorporating the appropriate measurements and reporting requirements in an accurate and transparent way as it is explicitly required within the EU MRV Regulation 2015/757.

SetelHellas’ SeeMBox-V© platform helps shipping companies build a robust, secure and scalable infrastructure, for the seamless, accurate and remote monitoring of all vessels’ operational parameters in real-time utilizing the IoT Technology.

Τhe quality and the intuitive operation of SeeMBox-V© solution, together with SetelHellas’ professional services, assists any shipping company in changing the vessels’ safety and operational efficiency, ensuring, high level of accuracy, integrity and transparency when at the same time delivers significant benefits:

► Enjoy insightful decision making, based on accurate, timely and auditable data.

► Ameliorate efficiency.

► Minimize operating expenses.

► Demonstrate predictability, increased productivity and eliminate downtime.

► Ensure conformitywith environmental regulations and directives.

► Achievecompliance with any current, or future, emission or consumption monitoring directives (EU and IMO).

► Monitor and react on any critical or underperformance issue before it affects the operational results of a vessel.

► Experience significant reputational benefits towards a highly competitive market.

Connectivity brings a plethora of possibilities. SetelHellas encourages you to embrace the Digital Ship era, so to maximize the benefits of the galloping transition to the new Blue Economy. We differentiate ourselves, not promising, but being able to deliver today a complete range of novel Maritime Solutions based on the IoT technology, ensuring the desired end-to-end capabilities. We empower, we innovate, and we have a strong sense of pride in everything we do.

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