#SetelHellas and Real Consulting are proud to announce their Global Strategic Alliance

Piraeus, Monday the 31st of October, 2016. A leading SAP Consulting and Implementation team and the most aggressively growing Company in the Maritime ICT sector join forces to enable the seamless transition of ship owners and operators towards the Digital Ship era.

The alliance aims to the “Acquisition and integration of meaningful performance and operational data with advanced analytics and decision support functions”. Such goals will be achieved by utilizing the SAP HANA and SAP Lumira technologies integrated with the advanced SeeMBox-V© Open Digital Platform especially designed for the automatic acquisition of performance data. The outcome will be the seamless online monitoring of vital operational and performance conditions from heterogeneous environments as well as the processing of the information enabling big data handling and dynamic analytics.

“Information technology is evolving rapidly allowing the optimisation of the onboard procedures and thus enabling the improvement of user experience both onboard the vessel as well as at shore side. We, at Real Consulting, are pleased and happy with our collaboration with SetelHellas, leading provider of innovative Maritime ICT Solutions, to design and deliver a common approach towards the Digital Ship achievement” said Mr. Dionyssis Athanasakos, COO of Real Consulting.

Mr. George Marinakis, Managing Director of SetelHellas noted: “It is a pleasurable time for me as the Managing Director in Setel Hellas. I believe this is a landmark moment for our companies and for our industry as a whole. The established communications channels, close working relationship, and experience provided by this alliance will enable SetelHellas and Real Consulting to rapidly deploy a reliable, flexible, and high-quality digital solution to meet new and ever-changing shipping market demands. The cooperation created through this partnership will accelerate growth into maritime vertical market, across broader geographies and will provide to shipping clients with the competitive edge required to become leaders in their respective industry.”

About Real Consulting:

For over 15 years REAL CONSULTING Integration & Operation has delivered improved operational effectiveness and efficiencies through technology driven, innovative solutions and client service excellence. With more than 450 customers across Europe, REAL CONSULTING takes pride for having implemented some of the most complex, large scale and demanding projects in Greece and abroad. The company is committed in guiding its clients along the path of innovation and digital migration, through the adoption of international cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

For more information, please visit www.realconsulting.gr

About SetelHellas:

Formed in 2007, SetelHellas was one of the pioneers in the on-board ICT infrastructure. Today is a global provider of innovative Value Added Solutions (VAS) aimed at optimizing vessel’s operational efficiency. The company and its partners have provided valuable product and services to ship owners and operators by delivering strong collaborative ship to shore and shore to ship infrastructure and open connectivity. We enable a unique set of products to help our customers become leaders in their respective industry and our partners to differentiate themselves not only from their competition. Our Award winning product and SetelHellas’ installed base constitute the ultimate proof of success and excellence in providing a holistic approach and innovative solutions for an efficient, safe and eco-friendly ship.

For more information, please visit www.setel-group.com