Press Release

SetelHellas and GasLog Ltd. sailing together towards Crew healthcare!

Piraeus, Wednesday, the 6th of July 2016

SetelHellas is at the forefront of developing new generation Maritime-Apps to Unlock the Business Value of Digital Ship, accelerating the rise of the Maritime Internet of Thing (IoT) from one day to another.

Clearly, ground-breaking advancements like SetelHellas’ Maritime Telemedicine Solution (MTS) show how IoT can play a fundamental role in the crew healthcare future. We’ve gone from a world of disconnected, impersonal data to one where we can finally make the important connections that inform healthcare decisions to truly change seafarers’ lives.

Today, we are pleased to announce that GasLog Ltd, a growth-oriented international owner, operator and manager of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, after a thorough evaluation, has decided to equip its entire fleet (24 vessels) with the innovative and cutting edge SetelHellas’ MTS.

Capt. Bourekas Michael, Manager at GasLog Ltd., said: “We are delighted to have selected SetelHellas’ Maritime Telemedicine solution (MTS) which encompasses a set of high quality functions that are easy to use with minimal or no training. We view our crew’s health and safety as a top priority. Therefore by deploying SetelHellas’ MTS we provide them with onshore professional medical resources with the appropriate diagnosis and treatment skills. This will result in the finest patient treatment, in higher moral satisfaction and in making the crew feel safer on board the vessel”.

SetelHellas’ MTS is a holistic approach providing superior medical services and allowing the crew to have access on a 24/7 basis to a medical assistance, allowing many services currently available at a clinic or hospital to be delivered on board the vessel.

The solution won the Gold Award in the “Strategy, Innovation & Extroversion” Category at Business I.T. Excellence Awards (BITE) and all MedTech devices are certified for medical use according to all strict related standards.