SetelHellas Maritime Telemedicine Solution

#SetelHellas Maritime Telemedicine [MTS] has been developed specifically for on-board use enabling shipping industry to build a robust, highly secure and scalable infrastructure for the delivery of crew-care by utilizing the guidelines and best practices from Hygeia Group’s health care experience.

With SetelHellas’ MTS our company responds to one of the major issues of the Maritime Industry; Life on ships is hazardous and even with the best safety procedures and well trained crews, accidents or illnesses do happen. With limited or inadequate equipment available on board, it is not easily to cope with an actual incident, in an efficient and satisfactory way.

SetelHellas’ MTS along with professional services offers to every shipping company a ground-breaking platform, able to truly change the safety-operation, efficiency, and seafarers’ lives in a way that wasn’t possible, or even imaginable, in the maritime healthcare space before.

SetelHellas, sees technology not only a set of hardware devices and software but a way to assist you to unlock the business value of “digital ship”.

The pioneering platform of SetelHellas’ MTS, containing medical equipment with the latest FDA approvals (EN 60601-1-2), delivers significant advantages, which allow any maritime enterprise to:

► Have immediate and accurate consultation from an accredited medical centre.

► Increase on board staff health and fit for duty.

► Receive significant cost saving through the avoidance of unnecessary deviations.

► Provide unlimited access to clinical specialists.

► Minimize costs for medical support.

► Improve crew retention rates by boosting morale.

► Contribute to sustainable ovation and competency.

Crew-Life is a Special Occasion. That’s why, SetelHellas encourages you to take advantage of a strong brand and years of experience with solid industry solutions that helps any shipping company seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

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SetelHellas’ solutions are available through a global network of solution experts, known as SetelHellas’ resellers or agents. Your local reseller offers and implements SetelHellas’ products based upon your unique needs. Let us help you connect with a SetelHellas’ reseller to learn more about our complete Maritime ICT solutions for your business on your terms.

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