SetelHellas’ giant leap towards MRV Compliance.

#SetelHellas, continuing to keep its Customers and the Shipping Community always up to date, announces the newest release of the award winning SeeMBox-V Solution, which seamlessly incorporates a new set of features towards Environmental Consciousness. With SeeMBox-V MRV Solution, SetelHellas presents its disruptive technology for the efficient execution of any Emissions Monitoring Plan. —

Today, January 13, 2016, we are pleased to introduce to the Maritime Industry the innovative SetelHellas MRV Solution which has been developed as a “natural extension” of SeeMBox-V, in respect to the new MRV Regulation (EU) 2015/757 that requires from ship owners and operators to monitor and report their carbon emissions (CO2) on all voyages to, from and between E.U. ports.

The Solution is compliant with all four (4) methods of Monitoring and Reporting in one bundle. This enables all Shipping Companies to embrace a single tool that may incorporate multiple types of Monitoring methods, depending on different vessels’ particulars, into one unified monitoring and reporting environment. The application is also independent of any manufacturer or vendor and may accommodate both manual entries as well as automatic monitoring. In a nutshell, it allows for the implementation of the monitoring plan, the monitoring of operational data per voyage, it conducts data quality checks and validations, and generates annual reports on a per vessel basis with procedures in-line with the Regulation’s requirements.

In that framework, SetelHellas in alignment with the EU & international environmental policy, is proud to announce that SeeMBox-V MRV is already under a certification process for compliance against the emissions data requirements of the Regulation (EU) 2015/757 ‘Shipping MRV’ in terms of process and functionality.

The pioneering platform of SeeMBox-V MRV Solution, delivers significant advantages, which allow any Shipping Company to:

► Keep auditable track of Vessels’ environmental performance ► Retain process continuance through compliance with all four (4) approved methods of Monitoring ► Enjoy a Unified fleet wide Reporting ► Ensure transparency and accuracy through the incorporation of automatic and manual entries in “Smart Forms” ► Gain from optimizing procedures and minimise effort and costs ► Remain updated and tuned against any change in regulations, through a complete life-cycle Training, Maintenance of the Software and Support

It is time for the maritime industry to take proactive measures to meet the requirements of the EU Shipping MRV Regulation. SetelHellas is able to strategically assist shipping companies to succeed in Environmental Compliance in the best possible way!

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